“Rysgal” JSCB, Ashgabat city, ITN 202 211 001 199, s/a 23 202 934 173 862 504 263 000, corr. /a 21 101 934 110 100 900 012 000, MFO 390 101 738

About Us

“AK OVUSHGIN” ES (AOES) - is a Turkmenistan engineering company that develops and implements turn-key projects in the field of construction of power and industry facilities.

On October 15, 2012 Registration Chamber of Turkmenistan registered the opening of “AK OVUSHGIN” Economic Society.

Philosophy of “AOES”– High level of quality of executed works, use of materials and equipment from the best manufacturers, execution of works in time accordingly to schedule approved by client.

Quality assurance of “AOES”– Our management system is based on observance/rules of international quality standards family ISO 9000.

Quality assurance team of “AOES” pays great attention to quality of executed works, which includes detailed control for all stages of work. We confidently present for our clients guarantee period for equipment installed by “AOES”, materials and executed works. Also after expiration of guarantee period we are ready to collaborate with client concerning supply of spare parts for equipment installed by us and kinds of repair works.


In May 2014 “AOES” and Abadan pit-run department made a Contract for the sum of 160000 manat on execution of electric and mounting works and start-up of all power-supply system of gravel and rubble complex in “Garakyariz” deposit and in June of this year these works were fully executed and abovementioned object was put into operation.

Also in August 2014 there was made a Contract with “Balkan ýer-suw gurluşyk” manufacturing enterprise on execution of electric and mounting start-up works of “Mamedkel” storage pond for the sum of 1200000 manat and in October 2014 the scope of executed work on this object is approximately 65% of projected scope.

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Products & Services

Products & Services

ES “AK OVUSHGIN” (AOES)- is a turn-key (EPC) contractor in such spheres as power supply systems, Automation systems, Electrical drive control, telecommunication systems, cathode & anode protection systems, safety systems and outsourcing.


Personnel of “AOES” Economic Society: Success of our activity is provided by team of high qualified specialists. At the present day work is executed by engineers with high level of professional knowledge and skills. Our specialists have big experience of execution